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“My preteen daughter has been seeing Katie for 6 months now. She is very approachable and caring.” (06/13/2018)

“A lucky star put Kate in my life. In 4 1/2 months I've noticed so much improvement in my life and it's mind boggling. As a matter of fact, my very first appointment was life-changing. There is so much knowledge in her insights and her compassion knows no bounds. My life has changed dramatically for the better. Kate rocks!!! I consider myself very lucky to be treated by her.” (10/31/2016) 

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kate. She helped my daughter overcome her anxiety and teach me ways to better support her. Our family is so much happier since we stared seeing her. Don't wait until it gets really bad to see someone. Kate is so warm, fun and energetic!” (10/18/16)

“I've been seeing Kate for about a month now, and every session has been outstanding! She has a very welcoming and trusting personality. In the short time that I've known her I've made tremendous progress, that usually would have taken years for me. She encourages feedback, and takes it very well. She is very understanding and not judgmental at all. Overall she's a brilliantly remarkable therapist and I would give her way more than five stars for a rating.” (9/2/16)

“She has a lot of good, helpful tips to minimize stress and anxiety. Very easy to talk to and is super friendly.” (11/5/16)

“Katie is nothing short of amazing. As a colleague and friend I admire her drive for solution focused change, creative approach to helping her clients succeed and ability to be both gentle and assertive in her work. West Hartford is lucky to have her expertise in setting children, individuals and families up for success from day one.” (4/1/17)